What/Why is ‘ The GameBuilder’s Inn ‘ ?

You all might be thinking, what & why this name to the blog – ‘ The GameBuilder’s Inn ‘, right.

Let me break that down.

Now, a builder means/is a developer or any other person who transforms or develops something and Inn is typically a place where Travelers & Pilgrims get food, lodging, water and other necessary resources as per their need. Imagine a scene at the Inn where some people may be eating, some may be relaxing or doing any other activity.

At the Inn, people chit-chat and discuss on various topics and make new friends.

Of course, I’m not offering any food or drinks to any traveler or to any pilgrim.

Consider, the food, drinks, lodging,.. or whatever to be all the necessary Support, Help & the Resources that any Game Developer or a Game Student or a Game Enthusiast or any other person might require (Relating to Game Development) and consider the Inn to be my Blog which is open to all and ready to help.

So, this was the idea that was going on in my mind – to create a place where people will get help they require and then gradually turn that blogging site into a Big Discussion Forum and since the help would be related to topics in Game Development,

hence the name  – “The GameBuilder’s Inn”!



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