UNIT 75 – Human Computer Interaction For Computer Games

UNIT-75 consists of the following 3 Outcomes:

  • Understand Human Computer Interface For Games
  • Understand Methods Of Control & Forms Of Feedback In Games
  • Be Able To Prototype An Interface For A Game Using HCI Techniques

Though Outcome 3 states to develop at least a workable user-interface prototype, we were not told to do the same. Instead we were told to make Suggestions or Enhancements to the user-interface of an already existing game about which you will come to know as you read further.

This unit deals with the interaction of people/humans with computers and other devices like Touch Devices, Computerized Consoles, Virtual Reality Devices etc., but focusing on games and their interfaces and how people interact with them. As the interface of any game provides the main point of contact between a user and the game, the interface needs to be carefully designed to enable users to focus their attention solely on game-play.

Here, for this unit, we were placed with the following scenario:

Being game students, a game company called ‘Rolocule Games’ wants us to evaluate their original & existing IP ‘Flick Tennis’ for HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and has asked to prepare a report for the same.

Let me tell you a bit about ‘Rolocule Games’ & ‘Flick Tennis’.

‘Rolocule Games’ is basically a Game Studio, the developer of Flick Tennis and is located in Pune, India. Flick Tennis is an excellent tennis game on Android & iOS.

So, coming back to the scenario…

The company wants us to understand their game properly as they want brief information about HCI and it’s principles and want detailed information about any two HCI principles from our point of view and which are used in their game.

The company also wants us to prepare a Flowchart/Diagram for explaining the Forms Of Feedback as to how forms of feedback play an important role in Human Computer Interaction.

Lastly, the company wants suggestions from us particularly to the ‘Character Selection’ section in their game in terms of  User-Interface.

Let me tell you why we were placed with such kind of a scenario.

Since our institute is located in Pune, India, also Rolocule Games being located in Pune and moreover Rolocule Games being attached to our institute as an industry partner, we were placed with such kind of a scenario and even our mentors thought it to be a good opportunity for game students to evaluate the User-Interface design of Flick Tennis.


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