UNIT 3 – Research Techniques For The Creative Media Industries

This Unit deals with the Research Techniques and the Research involved or required before starting any sort of activity. Though the name of the UNIT reads – ‘ Research Techniques For The Creative Media Industries ‘, yet it is not specific pertaining only to the Creative Media Industries like Gaming , Film-Making etc, but rather generic in nature.

This unit teaches an individual about how to gather the required resources, data and other important things related to his/her own work. It teaches about how to target and approach these resources and moreover how to manage them properly.

EX : If I wish to develop a 2D Shooter Platform Game, then I need data and resources of all kinds. So during the brainstorming process, I read many blogs, forums, gather code snippets and gather some level design ideas. So this is typically called as the ‘ Research’ that I perform for my game where I gather the respective data & resources, organize them and then start working towards the same.

So, this UNIT gives an insight about the Research Techniques that are used/that must be used before doing the respective work/activity.


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