UNIT 20 – Computer Game Platforms And Technologies

UNIT-20 consists of the following 4 Outcomes:

  • Understand Game Platform Types
  • Understand Hardware Technologies For Game Platforms
  • Understand Software Technologies For Game Platforms
  • Be Able To Connect & Configure Platforms And Devices To Enable Game-play

This unit gives information about Game Platforms and their types along with information on the Hardware & Software components in all of them.

This entire ‘UNIT-20’ is connected to ‘Outcome 3 – Be Able To Use 2D Game Engine Following Industry Practice’ from ‘UNIT 70 – Computer Game Engines’.

What I mean to say is that:

This ‘UNIT-20’ is directly connected to the 2D game that we have already created. In my case, it is of course related to – ‘Tales Of Mushroom Land‘.

Let me elaborate on this a bit.

Considering the first three Outcome – 1,2 & 3, we are suppose to present the information about our 2D game like – the Game Platform, the Proposed Platform for the game, why we choose this specific platform, some Market Stats, target audience and about the Hardware & Software Requirements of the game and also about how these requirements play a vital role in order to run the game.

‘Outcome 4’ is a bit different as compared to the first three Outcomes and is a ‘Video‘ in which we present – a playable demonstration of our game, some information regarding Artwork & Code and support for some common errors like Video & Audio Errors, Game Crash Errors, DirectX Errors etc.

NOTE : Here we are not placed with any scenario like – presenting all the game information to any Publisher/Stakeholder. We present all this information to our mentors only.


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