Yeaahh…My First 2D Platform Game!!

Here, I’ve presented information about my game – ‘Tales Of Mushroom Land‘ and have also shared my experiences during its development period.

In order to see the In-Game Screenshots and to download the Executable file of the game, please go to the page named as  – ‘Tales Of Mushroom Land‘.

Just after six months of my course & I was up with my first 2D Game. Voila!

It is a simple 2D Platform Game belonging to a Casual Genre. Developed it in Game-Maker 8.1 Pro, which is a popular 2D Game Engine and offers for fast 2D Game Development. It took me nearly 45 Days to complete my 2D Game which consists of – 2 Levels, Main-Menu, Pause-Menu, a Story-board Section of 5 Screens and other stuff.


This 2D game was a part of our class assignment from the unit – ‘UNIT 70 – Computer Game Engines’.

The Programming was done in GML (‘Game Maker Language’), the official programming language of Game-Maker and which has its syntax similar to C++ and even PHP. Apart from the programming, I had also done the Level-Designing and had penned down a Story for the game. I was also assisted by my fellow colleague, who is a Artist and who helped in developing some of the Artwork required for the game.

This entire period was a great learning experience. However it was filled with continuous pressure, tension and the constant push from our mentors. It was for the first time that I was properly developing a game and moreover working on deadlines!.

Really, if it had not been for the constant push & the pressure from our mentors and if we hadn’t undertaken that, probably I would not have come this far by considering my 2D game.

Since time was a crucial factor, we were told to take inspiration from an existing game, rather than having spend more time in brainstorming and coming up with an original concept. This all takes a lot of time and you never know how much time you will require in coming up with something that is really unique and original. That is a different topic all-together. The basic idea behind our 2D game assignment was to get us known with the game engines, their working, in understanding the development process, working in teams etc, rather than spend time at the very first assignment in coming out with something original.

I took inspiration from ‘Secret Maryo Chronicles’, which is a popular open source 2D game. Now taking inspiration can be anything. Let’s not go deep into that. Secret Maryo Chronicles is a Platform Game. So with that as the base concept and referring to some other  features in the game, I decided to develop a Platform Game. So along with the common features I added some of my own features to my game which made it look unique and different.

Thus, I started working on my 2D game exactly from 10th Dec on-wards and the entire process stretched till the 1st week of Feb 2013.

Since Secret Maryo Chronicles is an open source game, it helped me to get some of the game Artwork like Enemies, Power-Ups, etc..

This entire process also taught me how I should be getting the work done from other people, in time & till it reaches the satisfactory level. In my case, I had to do it with my friend Artist. There were drafts after drafts for the level backgrounds and for the other screens in the game.

For the game-levels, we went up to 5 Drafts after which we finalized on a color scheme and then the backgrounds were fixed. Following are the finalized images of the backgrounds for Level 1 & Level 2 respectively.



Considering the programming, I wrote the entire code right from scratch with periodic help as required from the Game-Maker Community. Definitely, I was placed with a lot of challenges and obstacles in the process. The most challenging part was that of the programming required for the ‘Tortoises‘, including all of their actions and the ‘Power-Swapping’ states of the player character.  We also faced some Sprite (image) Bounding Box problems in between as some collisions were not taking place. However they were resolved in the end.

The UI & the ‘Game-Level Design’ was also done by me. Since the game belonged to a Casual Genre and by looking at the target audience of my game, I kept the UI simple and which also went along with the theme of the game.

EX : I have used something like : ” ENTER=MAIN-MENU “, where the text, ‘ENTER’, indicates the keyboard equivalent in order to perform that action and which also saved some screen space. Following is the screenshot for the Credits Screen where you can see this example.


The Level-Design was a major hurdle placed in front of me as I had to think for the level designs for both the levels considering all other issues. I wanted to come up with something new & different. Initially at the prototyping stage, I started on with a very rough level-design which extended for almost 20-25 days.

After this, my mind was circling with things like placing small Traps and Challenges for the player and forcing him/her to think a bit during game-play. Soon things started making sense and then there I was with my new Level-Design for both the levels. But even after that a lot of work was still pending.

Thus, in this fashion, ‘Tales Of Mushroom Land’ was finally completed on 9th Feb 2013 and we submitted it the next day i.e. on 10th Feb at our institute for the assignment and in the next 6-7 days our mentors had also uploaded our game on the ‘YoYo Games Official Website’.

We are definitely not stopping with just these two levels and with a slight modification in the story, we have given an indication for the player that definitely more levels will be coming soon.

So, when the player completes the 2nd Level, he is presented with a single Storyboard Screen which says that Princess Peach is still with Krush and the Story Continues…

Following is the screenshot for the same.


That was really something like it!! So after looking back at the entire process, it was a moment of awe for both of us.


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