Off To Unity 3D!


I’ve started working on the most awesome thing about which I had always dreamed about – Working On A 3D Game!!

So, its a ‘First Person Shooter'(FPS) Game that we have decided to develop it in ‘Unity 3D’ and which is also a part of class assignment.

I’m assisted by my fellow colleague, who is a Programmer and we both are working on this project. Though this project/assignment is not a part of their course, we are also assisted by two Artists, who are helping us in creating the required 3D Art Assets for our game.

Today is 20th July and its just 4-5 days that we have began our work. We are targeting for 2 Levels, (I don’t know how things will proceed ahead, because 3D takes time..) but right now we’ve just kept only one level in mind.

Unity 3D, (some of you might be knowing it) is a massive 3D Game Engine and has immense potential for creating 3D games. (2D games can also be created in Unity, not just 3D) Unity really left me spellbound when I had explored it completely and understood its capabilities. A 3D Game Engine offering porting for Android, iOS,.. as well as a Game Engine which is not just limited to games but also extending its scope in fields like Medicine, Serious-Games etc.

So, from the last 2-3 months I’m learning Unity by understanding its aspects and now I’ve started to get familiar with it.

Currently, we have not started our actual development job in Unity 3D, but rather we are searching for more resources that we will require for our game. So along with Programming, I’m also looking at other aspects of the game like – Game Story, Level-Design, other layouts required in the game, the level-map and so on.

I’m done with the Game-Story and the Level-Map and right now I’m working on the level-design aspects.

I’ll keep posting & updating the information about our 3D Game. So henceforth, I’ll be providing all the information about our game in the form of ‘Posts’ – updates, changes or whatever it may be.

You will find all the posts on the homepage in a column on the right side of the page in red color.


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