Flash Game – ‘Rune Shoot!’

Now after working in Game-Maker 8.1,  it was time to try something new and get hands dirty and occupied with something else. It was also the time for our class assignment where we were supposed to create a Flash Game.

So, I started working in the same direction looking for Flash Development Software which will help me in developing my first Flash Game. I was getting a bit confused between ‘Stencyl’ and ‘Adobe Flash Professional’, but since I had not used ‘Stencyl’ before, I finally zeroed in for Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 for developing my Flash Game.

It was altogether a different experience working in CS5.5, because this time I was working in ‘ActionScript 3.0’, which is nothing but javascript . My just recent working experience was on GML – Game-Maker Language, the official language of Game-Maker and which has its syntax much closer to C++ and even PHP.

It was not a hard job, just the question of working on an interface after a long time, understanding the software environment once again, getting familiar with the syntax of the programming language and so on..

It was almost after 3-4 years that I was once again working on Adobe Flash Professional. During my first year of graduation, I had created some small Flash Clips or lets rather call it, tiny Flash Ads as part of college assignment.

It didn’t took me not more than 11-14 days to complete my first Flash Game. It was not the case that since I had already created a game before, so it helped me in speeding up the process. No, that was not the reason. (Of course, my confidence level was boosted due to my 2D Platform Game) The scope of our Flash Game was small and hence I was able to complete it in a short duration of time.

So, what I’ve created in Flash is a very simple thing – an endless shooting game consisting of 3 Levels which are time-bound.

It’s called ‘Rune Shoot!’, a short game offering not more than 3-4 minutes of game-play.

The plot is very simple. Two different types of Runes are seen falling in front of the player. The Rune with a green figure over it gives the player ‘+1’ Point whereas the other Rune with a brown figure over it gives the player ‘+5’ Points. That’s kinda bonus score for the player. So the only objective placed in front of the player is to shoot as many Runes as possible and earn a high possible score. But that’s not all. Bombs are also seen floating in between and if the player hits any one of them – the score drops down by 5!. And as the time decreases and the levels increase, the speed of the falling Runes increases and bombs start appearing more frequently.

Following are some of the in-game screenshots of ‘Rune Shoot!’.

Rune Shoot_1

Rune Shoot_2

Rune Shoot_3

Rune Shoot_4

Rune Shoot_5

Rune Shoot_6

Rune Shoot_7

A cool & a short game that will really pull out the drab out of you.

I’ll be posting the main executable file of the game in a few days.

So, ‘Shoot Some Runes’!!


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