‘Character Randomization C++’ – Counter Strike v1.6

This is something really cool stuff that I came up in C++. It is definitely not a word game or a guessing game, but certainly I’ve tried to create a game logic that exists in the most popular online game as you all know – ‘Counter Strike v1.6’.

What I’ve done is : I’ve created this ‘Character Randomization Code‘ in C++ and which is purely written and compiled in Turbo C. (I know, I’ve mentioned about this in the ‘About Me’ Section, but here it contains a bit of more info along with the screenshots and the program/project file.)

So, why I’ve called it as ‘Character Randomization’ or what is this that exists in Counter-Strike, right. Let me elaborate on that.

In Counter-Strike, when the level loads, depending on your side (Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists), what you see at first are your team members equipping themselves with ammunition same like you and after 4-5 seconds, the actual game-play begins.

Now for example, assume that there is a match going between 8 Terrorists and 9 Counter-Terrorists and you have joined the side ‘Counter-Terrorists’, so with you the total number of Counter-Terrorists are 9. (The number of players is immaterial, but still.)  Now assume you have selected the character type ‘GIGN‘ from the Counter-Terrorists side which consists of in total 4 character types as we all know and even 4 character types exists on the Terrorists side. Now comes the main part. (Henceforth, I’ll use CT for ‘Counter-Terrorists’.)

Now with your selection of GIGN character type, there are in total 9 CT’s. Assume the level has restarted and you are in the ammunition buying period where you are buying your ammo as well as you are able to see your team members. So, over there, have you paid close attention to their repetition patterns. What I mean by that is : never it happens that your rest of the 8 team members will be belonging to only one character type. It will never happen that rest of the team members will all be spawned in the form of ‘SAS’ or any other character type only.

They are always balanced or distributed. Sometimes conditions occur where your rest of team members may be divided into only two character types or sometimes they may be divided into all the 4 character types. With the start of every new game/match, this pattern keeps on changing. So this is the ‘Character Randomization Code’ that I was talking about and though in Console the program gives appropriate results.

Well, I forgot to mention one thing – here ‘n’ number of randomization takes place in order to achieve the pattern that I explained above.

Following are the screenshots of this ‘Character Randomization Code’. Since it is a console program in Turbo C, you will notice white text over black background – so don’t get surprised by it.

CS CharRandom_1

CS CharRandom_2

CS CharRandom_3

CS CharRandom_4

CS CharRandom_5

CS CharRandom_6

CS CharRandom_8

CS CharRandom_7

I’ll be posting the ‘C++ Program File’ for the above code in a few days.

In order to run this file, you need to have Win XP (any service pack) 32-Bit Only and Turbo C on your system.


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