‘Gamepad/Controller’ Support On Its Way!!


This is connected to my 2D Platform Game that I have created – ‘Tales Of Mushroom Land’. If you have not read about it (I’m not forcing, but if you want to), go to the ‘MY WORK’ section and from there go to the page named as ‘Yeahh…My First 2D Platform Game!!’. Over there, you will get all the information about it.

Until this moment, the game existed for a PC Platform and even now it exists for the same platform as well. What I mean to say is that : by what I’m extending to my game is not changing its platform in any way.

So there is this nice Cherry Feature that I’ve planned it to add it to my game.

To extend ‘Gamepad/Controller Support‘ for my game through the same development software that I used to develop it, of course, Game-Maker 8.1. The basic idea is that anyone with a ‘USB Plug n Play Gamepad/Controller‘ like – ‘Microsoft XBox 360 Controller For PC‘, ‘Logitech F710‘ etc should also be able to play the game as he/she can with a keyboard.

This will be nice news for players who love to play with gamepads & even I’m exited to start my development work from tomorrow.

I’m planning to complete my work in the next 2-3 weeks & I’ll keep posting and updating about the status of my work.



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