UNIT 75 Final Submission

( For more info on ‘UNIT 75’, please refer to the page named – ‘UNIT 75 – Human Computer Interaction For Computer Games’ in the ‘UNITS’ section on the homepage of the blog.)

Today, being,  Friday – 06.09.13, was the Final Submission for UNIT 75 including all of it’s Outcomes.

I had created a clubbed ‘PowerPoint Presentation’ including all the three Outcomes and which I presented today in the form of a ‘PowerPoint Slide Show’ to my mentors during my presentation.

For Outcome 1, as told, I had presented brief information about HCI and its principles and considered three principles – ‘Visibility Of System Status’,’Error Prevention’ and ‘Help & Documentation’ by explaining them in detail from my point of view and which occur in Flick Tennis.

For Outcomes 2 & 3, as told, I had presented – 

a quick Heuristic Evaluation of the Pause-Menu, a bit of information about the Color Scheme used in the Main-Menu of Flick Tennis, three very basic game-play flowcharts and suggestions to the Character Selection section of Flick Tennis with the help of reference images.

Below is the respective ‘PowerPoint Slide Show’ for the ‘Outcomes – 1,2 & 3’ for this UNIT.

NOTE : Wherever required & needed, explanations in the slide show are done by taking a particular game as an example. This is a  game on Android & iOS, called ‘Flick Tennis’. To know more details like – as to why only that game was chosen as an example and to know things in general, once again, as said above, please refer to the page  named – ‘UNIT 75 – Human Computer Interface For Computer Games’.