UNIT 20 Final Submission

( For more info on ‘UNIT 20’, please refer to the page named – ‘UNIT 20 – Computer Game Platform & Technologies’ in the ‘UNITS’ section on the homepage of the blog.)

Today, being, ¬†Wednesday – 14.08.13, was the Final Submission for UNIT 20 including all of it’s Outcomes.

For the first three Outcomes, consisting of Game Platforms, Hardware & Software, I had created a clubbed ‘PowerPoint Presentation’, which included all of these three Outcomes relating to my game – ‘Tales Of Mushroom Land’ and which I presented today in the form of a ‘PowerPoint Slide Show’ to my mentors during my presentation.

Below is the respective ‘PowerPoint Slide Show’ for the ‘Outcomes – 1,2 & 3’.



For the ‘Outcome 4’ , I had created a video of length – 15 minutes, in which I showcased – a playable demonstration of my game – ‘Tales Of Mushroom Land’, a bit of support for Common Errors like Video Errors, DirectX Errors etc and information on how to download my game from the web.

After the ‘PowerPoint Slide Show’ for Outcomes 1,2 & 3, I showcased this video for ‘Outcome 4’ to my mentors.

Below is the respective video for ‘Outcome 4’.