Hello Guys,

The ‘My Work!’ section hosts most of my work that I’ve posted over there. You can have a look at it and moreover can also access it whenever you want by going over to that section.

If you ever need to use some of my work/data as a reference for/in your project/work, you don’t have to take permission from me in order to do so. Simply go over to the desired section, choose what you wish to have (if you want to ; whether it be a screenshot or an executable file or if I’ve posted the main game project file or whatever), click on the respective link/s, the file/s will be downloaded to your system and then you’re done.

You are free to do that. And that’s why I’ve posted my work in order to help you all guys.

But please, it is my humble request to all of you, that don’t perform a ‘Copy-Paste Job’. If you ever use my data, please provide the necessary credits for me with the name : ‘ The GameBuilder’s Inn ‘ or simply post my blog link over there : ‘ ‘.

Not just with me, but whenever you use/access any data from the internet, always make it a habit to provide the appropriate and the necessary credits to the respective author whoever he/she may be. Never perform a ‘Copy-Paste Job’.

There are tons of Open-Source sites on the internet which provide access to open-source data resources like Artwork, Code-Snippets etc and what they  expect in return is nothing but just the mention of their name in your work. Great are really those who provide open-source data with expecting nothing in return.

Of course, I know that for open-source data, no one has any hold over it and the end-user may use/access it whenever he/she wishes to.

Well, the Bottom-Line is, always make it a point to mention the author for his work if you happen to use some of that author’s work and I think you all can certainly do this much, right.




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