About My Course.

As I’ve already mentioned that currently I’m pursuing a ‘Diploma In Game Development’ (D.G.D) from Seamless Education Academy in Pune, India and which is certified by ‘EDEXCEL & Pearson’, UK, so the entire academic curriculum for the course is based on EDEXCEL’s guidelines and consists in the forms of sections called – ‘UNITS’.

These units in turn contain ‘Outcomes’ which acts as the assignments for us.

ex : UNIT 72 – Computer Game Design

It consists of the following four Outcomes:

  • Outcome 1 – Understand The Principles Of Game Design
  • Outcome 2 – Game Design Ideas
  • Outcome 3 – Be Able To Prepare Game Design Documentation
  • Outcome 4 – Be Able To Present A Game Concept To Stakeholders

So, I’ve created a page dedicated to these units, named as ‘UNITS’. You can go over to any UNIT in the UNITS’s section to view information about what that UNIT typically contains.

I’ve planned to post articles/information on the separate outcomes of whatever UNIT/S that I may post over there in the UNITS’s section.

I’ve written this post to let you all know a quick glimpse about my course and also to avoid the ambiguity, particularly about the UNITS’s section.


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